New Product: Aislamax Housecover Membrane

  • Packaging:  4.92 x 65.62 ft
  • Coats: 3
  • It is the unique bicolor membrane in the market

Aislamax HouseCover is a waterproofing and vapor sheet membrane used in different construction systems such as industrial buildings, sloped roofs and walls.
It is made of 3 polypropylene sheets, 2 outer woven non woven polypropylene sheets, and among them a smart sheet due to its properties , the 2 outer sheets protect and complement the material.
Aislamax HouseCover is a waterproof and a moisture resistant material that allows the property to “respire” by allowing the vapor generated in the house outwards. It has an anti-UV so it can be exposed outdoors for 15 days, however it is recommended to cover it to avoid damages and excessive exposure.
In spite of being an anti slip material (That is why it is recommended to wear rubber shoes in order to avoid any abrasion or damage by impact) it extends the life span of the property so as every construction constituent.

Weight (g/m²) 

77 gr +/- 5%


> 100


< 150


> 50

1.Desenrolle HouseCover sobre la pared exterior, por debajo del nivel del suelo y cubriendo todas las aberturas. Use clavos de cabeza grande o grampas.

Step by step installation guide: Walls
  1. Unroll HouseCover over the external wall, under the ground level covering all the openings. Use staples or extra large head nails.

2. Unroll the next HouseCover strip always folded to the previous one

3. Seal the horizontal and vertical overlapping with adhesive tape with UV filter over clean surfaces.

4.  In the openings make a cross shape cut, then fold the surplus into the inner part and nail or staple it.

Step by step installation guide: Roofs
instalacion housecover aislamax en techos 1

1. Unroll the Aislamax HouseCover horizontally over the tongue-and-groove boards or slab and nail it.

instalacion housecover aislamax en techos 2

2. Unroll the next HouseCover strip overlapping it onto the previous one that was laid.

instalacion housecover Aislamax en techos 3

3.  Overlap both Aislamax HouseCover strips and nail or staple them till reaching the  lintel.

instalacion housecover Aislamax en techos 4

4.  Attach the Aislamax HoueCover to roof battens, it is not necessary to double battens. 

A new product joining the Aislamax Thermal Insulation family