New product: Agromax & Agromax Premium

  • Agromax (roll): 13.12 ft x 164.04 ft
  • Premium Agromax (roll): 13.12 ft x 164.04 ft (major micron density)

Black polyethylene film for multiple uses in construction. The polyethylene film  with black master avoids light filtering. Perfect water vapor barrier . Use in foundations,  stalls and ponds . Also as a general floor cover , walls and roofs. Waterproofing of irrigation channels, effluents and drains. 

Dimensions in 150 and 200 microns.  In rolls of 13.12ftx164.04ft . Common uses: under flooring (over ground surface, to avoid ascending moisture and protect foundations. E. g. road works.

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A brand new Aislamax product