New product!

Aislamax With A Thermo Welded Flap

New product: Aislamax with a thermo welded flap

2 sides 0.39″ Aluminum foam with a thermo welded flap

Blocking power

The Aislamax aluminum foam is composed by a 0.39  ̎ polyethylene skimmed and with a pure aluminum sheet attached in both sides. This composition achieves up to a 97% thermal radiation reflectivity, by which enacts a high value of thermal resistance in a total building system. 

Another property to highlight is its behavior in fire. According to the tests ran by  NIIT (National Institute of Industrial Technology) under ASTM E 162 and IRAM 11910-3 regulations, the results were Class A RE2, very low propagation flame.

Fast installation

The new flap allows working time optimization by not having to use extra materials in any joint.


It allows to achieve an excellent result within superficial continuity avoiding thermal bridges by having a continuous membrane area.

Cost saving

By not having to use extra materials the installation cost is reduced. 

Easy to install

The new thermo welded flap system is easy to install and does not require skilled labor. 

A New Product to Aislamax Insulation Materials Family