• Packaging 1.1/2.7/5.3 gal. pails

  • Consumption 1 kg/m
  • It forms a styrene, acrylic film – Internally laminated Semi-matte finish
  • Usage: Waterproofing sheet for roofs
  • Thinner/ Water amount / 20% maximum on first coat
  • Amount of coats: 3 to 4
  • Drying between coats 12hs depending on the weather 
  • Total curing time: 7 days
  • Approximate weight 1,3 g/cm
  • Environmental Commitment VOC free – Water based product

The new Aislamax Paste Membrane is an elastic waterproofing  product made of water based polymers and special additives that form a water repellent  film which rejects rain water generating a maximum waterproofing , adherence and durability. It is elastic, it has a semi-matte finish, It accompanies structural movements, plus it achieves a free dust and soot surface.  It has a powerful antifungal and algae treatment.

Where to use

It is recommended to use in roofs, terraces, over concrete slab etc, where it is required surface sealing granting a maximum permanent waterproofing  property.

Packaging and Consumption

Available in 1.1/2.7/5.3 gal. pails. The total consumption is 1kg/m², applying the required coats, the consumption varies with color and surface absorption. 

Application procedure

Apply a diluted coat with 20% of water to prime and seal  junction and seams with acrylic sealer. Apply only in dry surfaces  to avoid bubble formation once the product is applied. In case of bubbles formation cut them out and leave the material that had perfectly adhered before applying. In new surfaces, wash with muriatic acid mixing with the proper amount of water needed (1:7), rinse and let dry completely.  If you are repainting , eliminate dust, grease, moss or old paint remains partially adhered. Afterwards, apply three pure coats. The consumption is 1kg/m² in the total coats application.

Product brochure

A new product joining the Aislamax Thermal Insulation family